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What is the gerontological valueof bio-active substances and com

HomepageINSTITUTE of Physico-Chemical Problems of EvolutionBiological Evolution and AgingWhat is the gerontological valueof bio-active substances and compositions ?

The concept of the gerontological value (or anti-aging value) of products with a biological origin was first introduced into the scientific field in this century, in the nineties.

In 1999, an application for a Russian patent № 99113636 gave the definition of an indicator of the gerontological values of foodstuffs (GPG) for the evaluation of the gerontological qualities of bio-active substances and compositions or foodstuffs with a biological origin.

The gerontological value of food, cosmetic, or other natural product or substance is the quality of the product (substance), expressed in GPG units, characterizing its ability to support the youthfulness and healthiness of the organism, to rejuvenate its tissues, and positively influence the duration and quality of life.

One of the more valuable gerontological products is gerontologically pure water.

It is advisable to use the GPG indicator to evaluate the comparative gerontological qualities (values) of a concrete foodstuff, a foodstuff from a given class of oils, fats, animal and fish flesh) or from different classes of foodstuff (the bio-mass of any marine or vegetable substance) and so on.

It is convenient to use the GPG indicator 10-point scale. The higher the indicator, the higher the gerontological value of the product. For example, wheat shoots have a GPG indicator close to 9 points, whilst an aging biomass of wheat stalk scores around 1 point.

Longevity and the preservation of health and youth are assisted by the utilization of foodstuffs in ones diet, which have a high GPG indication. Moreover, elasticity of the skin, sexual potency, muscle strength, and other characteristics determining the quality of the organisms vital functions are substantially improved.

The GPG indicator is an additional characteristic of natural products with a biological origin. It is not a substitute for other well-known food, cosmetic and medical product and composition indicators (for example, calorie content, the ecological purity of a product and others). However, as a measure of its value, it is highly useful when drawing up rejuvenating diets and other compositions used by a person in his everyday life.

With the assistance of the GPG indicator, it is also possible to define the biological age of a persons tissues, and, comparing the significance of this factor in regards to tissues with a similar GPG indicator in respect of foodstuffs consumed, to issue recommendations of a medical character.

The use of GPG indicators in relation to foodstuffs and other products becomes highly useful in the treatment of different illnesses.

The commercial benefits for organizations – producers and distributors of gerontologically valuable products are self-evident.

Firstly, a simple grading (screening) of products already in production according to their gerontological value may be highly effective. Obviously, products of a high gerontological quality must cost substantially more than products characterized by a low significance on the GPG indicator. In order to achieve an economic effect in this case, it is enough to quite simply define the quality of the product – “its gerontological quality”. It is clear that despite the higher cost of gerontologically valuable products, demand for them will be high.

Secondly, in a number of cases, it will be economically effective to produce products that are more gerontologically valuable, introducing certain changes into their production technology.

The utilization of GPG indicators in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical markets, animal feed markets and so on, will undoubtedly facilitate their transformation. Obviously, such an innovation can, on the whole, be evaluated as progressive, contributing to the health and happiness of man. At the same time, profits from the above-mentioned market transformation may become highly significant.

One of the fundamental theories – the thermodynamic theory of aging will take a deserved place in the life of 21st. Century man.

The utilization of GPG indicators constitutes the second youth of Mankind.

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